In case you wanted to know, this is me in a nutshell:


I love: garlic (duh), dusk, swing sets and teeter totters, Baryshnikov (swoon), the water, wine, dogs, spicy things (sauces, peppers, people…), live music, cherries and watermelon, Bill Murray, grocery shopping, road trips, duck confit, seeing movies in the theatre by myself, Mexico (the food, the beaches, the people), sandals, dancing, elephants, John Irving, Paul Wong’s egg rolls, Gros Morne National Park, snorkelling, ballet – and now aerial yoga, the movie ‘Stealing Beauty’, getting dressed up and going out, my mum’s turkey stuffing… and my deepest/darkest/guiltiest and formerly secret obsession – all things Kevin Costner (there- I said it!)

I live by the lake in west Toronto with my bf Johnny Griffith – jazz musician, producer, composer and professor – and our little weirdo pup, Emmett.


I grew up in Pickering, Ontario and moved to Toronto over a decade ago. My parents retired to Niagara on the Lake… I know, tragic, so we visit them often and always make a point to stop in at a few wineries along the way. Peppered throughout my posts I will be sharing great finds and my favourite vintages with you.


I was a dancer and actor and now am working mainly on aerial yoga (what up Branch Yoga) and cooking my heart out. I pay the bills (cuz the arts haven’t lined our pockets with diamonds just yet), by bartending. Over the past 15+ years I have worked in a wide variety of places – fine dining, catering, pubs, music venues, cafes, trendy bistros… you name it. Along the way I have kept my eyes – and mouth -open to new things (don’t take that to a dirty place!) Over time I’ve picked up ideas, tricks and inspiration from everyone around me and love exploring food on my own.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I have always had a dream of opening my own music cafe – to feature a small and approachable menu and to put all the wonderful musicians that have graced my life on stage to share.

… oh, and maybe one day leave it all behind to move to Costa Rica and open up a little place in the jungle… a girl can dream, right?


georgeP.S. This site is dedicated to our dearly departed doggy, George. He was an angel (and a bit of a devil), and made our house a home. He inspired my first cooking venture and remains at my feet every time I step into the kitchen.






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  1. Dana

    I tried emailing you but your address bounced back.

    I still can’t find where to go to buy your Caribbean jerk marinade sauce. You said Jools at Fit Organic by Brown’s Line/ Evans Street is selling your jars? If confirmed, please give me contact info.

    Or if you have a better plan of me getting my hands on 5-6 jars, 500 ml each, that will be great.

    Melissa Chung
    (I live at Sheppard & Leslie, which is North York…)

  2. hi there!
    my family and i were at the healthy moms marketplace and my husband bought your jezebel jerk mango marinade. he loved it!!! where can i get more?

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