So friends, I’m kinda pissed… strike that – I’m really fucking angry.

This space is about gorgeous food, arts, travel and general loveliness. The last thing I saw this being was a social political rant space – but it is about to be just that for one post only. So here is me ranting. Scroll past to some yummy food – I won’t take it personally – but if you linger to read this I hope it makes you as livid as I am and as driven to be a little less complacent… though I assume if you are reading this blog you are already a pretty super cool person.

Earlier in May Shauna Hunt, a news reporter in Toronto, was ‘video bombed’ by a group of men (and I use the term ‘men’ very loosely) at a Toronto FC game while on air. This appalling idea began in Ohio last year and involved hijacking a woman reporter while on air reporting a railway derailment, seizing her microphone and shouting out  “f*&$ her in the p*$#@”. I am not going to rehash the whole story for you, I am seething enough as it is. Until this most recent incident I had never even heard of this trend and still can’t believe that it could even be called that. Trends are low rise jeans, platform shoes, the ‘Rachael’ haircut, they are not obscene, abusive and unwanted intrusions. In news articles around the world words like ‘heckle’, ‘remark’, ‘prank’,  and ‘stunt’ were thrown around as if this is just another internet craze. Charlie bit my finger this ain’t.

What bothers me about all this – one of many things – is that it is being framed as sexism. Of course it is, but it is much, much more than that. It is abuse. Let’s call it what it is. In England they have even gone so far as to hit women with dildos in the ear. I’m not sure why the jack ass in Ohio started all this, it’s not a joke and it is certainly not art. He is even selling t-shirts of himself, maybe I’d by toilet paper with his face on it, but he would probably get off on being wiped in shit. Until now I never understood the phrase I’m so angry I could spit, well, my keyboard is soaken wet.

The backlash these douche bags are receiving – losing their jobs, public shaming*, sports arena bans – is totally warranted. Kudos to Shauna Hunt for confronting them. This is more than disrespect. It is more than sexism. It is tantamount to violence in my mind. The fact that this could become a movement, that boys across the globe could jump on board this disgusting train saddens me to no end. For a year it has picked up millions of online followers: college footballer players jumping up on cafeteria tables to shout it out, copycat videobombers (including women). Female broadcasters on a daily basis are being accosted with this.

It doesn’t stop there folks. After one of the guys was fired from his job and another is facing termination, after the Mayor and Premier tweeted support and the power of social media brought accolades for Ms. Hunt, then came the voices of dissent. Not just those jackasses that support this FHITP crap, but voices of people who sympathize with the men involved. Hundreds agreeing that yes, this is deplorable behaviour, but the amount of shaming they have received is too much, the punishment outweighs the crime… and believe me friends, I consider this a crime. It is a hate crime. Just because it is veiled with words like ‘joke’ and ‘prank’ it is still a crime. Yes, these guys were on their own time and not the company’s, but it was a public incident – they made it one.

The word Feminism has become taboo. Us women have devalued the term often distancing ourselves from it as if it were a disease. Generations of women – and men – fought long and hard to get us to where we are and in the past three decades or so we have dropped the ball… not only dropped it but hucked it over the neighbour’s fence. A rise in stories of university rape and assault, the Gian Gomeshi saga, the accusations against Bill Cosby, social media shaming and abuse resulting in suicide, these all seem to be gaining momentum – it’s not going away. Girls in universities across Canada chanting alongside the meatheads who perpetrate the idea that ‘no means yes’. As my anger ebbs it is replaced with profound sadness. Is our need to fit in and our need to be loved trumping our need to be equal and respected? Is it making us sell out our sisters? Is it making us tolerate abuse? Feminism is not a four letter word. Feminism means equality, that’s all.

* I am not a supporter of public shaming. It is another gross example of mob mentality, but in this instance, these guys made this a public statement. They intended this to be seen on a wide scale. I’m sure they never foresaw this being an international story, but there you have it.

bacon-sandwich-verticle-pickleIn the last few years I have tried to cut out pork, or at least eat less of it. It’s tough because I really like ham sandwiches, but I think I speak for the masses when I say that bacon is just about the best thing ever. I know vegetarians that confess the smell of bacon makes them want to cave on occasion.

I have the utmost respect for vegetarians. I’m just not there yet. My biggest issue is with pork. Knowing how smart pigs are – smarter than dogs – it breaks my heart to think that they are cognizant of what is happening to them. I know there is major mistreatment of animals on such a wide scale, so I have tried to cut back on meat in general and buy the best I can. Unfortunately that gets expensive and convenience-wise makes it difficult to do 100%. For now, I just want to be conscious of my choices… that’s why when I decide to succumb to delicious and salty yummy bacon I go with this loaded sammy. Make it count!





Makes 2 sandwiches (serves 1 or 2 people depending on the size of your hangover)

This dirty sandwich is a real hangover cure. If you make the sauce and even fry up the bacon the night before a big rager this can be ready to go in a matter of a minute. Just use butter on the bun instead of bacon fat – unless you reserve some – and reheat the bacon in a pan until it sizzles again.

I don’t like buying pre-sliced sandwich pickles, I slice them so they stay crisp. As far as buns, I like a softer one so the crispy bacon is the texture that takes the lead. A nice burger bun or soft potato roll works well.


4 slices of peameal bacon

8 slices of strip bacon

2-3 pickles, sliced (approx. 8 slices)

2 burger buns


3 tbsp pickle brine

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp real maple syrup

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp dried thyme or 2 tsp fresh thyme

1 or 2 squirts Sriracha sauce


In a small bowl make your sauce by whisking together the brine, Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, mustard, thyme and Sriracha. Slice your pickles and buns.

Lay your strip bacon in a room temperature non-stick pan. Turn the burner up to medium and cook your bacon crispy, flipping it a few times during cooking. You may need to do this in batches depending on the size of your pan and if so, make sure you drain the bacon grease before frying the 2nd batch and wipe the pan clean with paper towels.

Set aside your crispy bacon on some paper towel and pour out all but 2 tbsp of the bacon fat – hang onto that liquid gold for another use like roasting potatoes. Fry your peameal bacon in the remaining fat for about 2 minutes on each side and remove to paper towel. Make sure not to over cook it or it will be like eating a shoe.

Without cleaning your pan place the buns cut side down in the pan and let them get golden and slightly toasted, just a minute or two.

To assemble your sandwiches lay 2 slices of the peameal on the bottom bun, followed by 4 slices of the strip bacon, lay 4 slices of pickles across, drizzle half your sauce over and finish by pressing the top bun down. Dig on in!



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