Hello and happy summer!
You may have noticed I have been around a lot less lately. Well, I have been growing my Harlot Hot Sauce collection and will be launching an online store this fall. Until then, you can find me every Saturday from 8am – 1pm at the Sam Smith Market.

Pick up some XXX Hoochie Coochie Citrus Sauce – a Belize inspired vibrant orange sauce with aggressive heat, Heebie Jeebie Hot Cha Cha – a cinnamon and allspice sauce with dried and fresh peppers with a deep and smoldering burn, or the new and wildly popular (sold out 2 out of 3 weeks running), Jezebel Curried Jerk Marinade with Mangoes. I am also developing a new mild sauce for launch next month.

I will be joined on some occasions by My Spice Box‘s Christy and her brilliant organic spices. We will be exploring sweet little themed kits and maybe even pestle mortars for you to buy as gifts or to treat yourself!




ALSO: I am currently working to revamp my site and fix some mobile glitches and layout issues. I’m also adding new features and doing away with old ones.

I’m very excited to add a permenant wine column exploring Ontario wineries, talking to wine makers and previewing special vintages!




I will include riffs on some of my favourite cookbook go tos, budget minded healthy recipes and many more Harlot Artist features.

Up next: Sarah Slean and an easy yet fancy seared Tuna Provencal, Kevin Quain and a rich Nutella Stromboli, as well as a coffee rubbed steak, carpaccio, paneer curry, seafood and more!

Thanks to Jeremy Pelt for sitting down for a special interview to talk about cooking in NYC, touring fantastic food destinations and a little about jazz…

Thanks for staying tuned and I’ll be in touch super duper soon… xo


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