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HARLOT’S HISTORY: aka “Archives”. This menu has past recipes and posts organized by course – like brunch, sides, mains. You can also search by country or place of origin – as in French, Mexican, Canadian.

HARLOT’S ARTISTS: Here you will find artists that have captured my imagination. We discuss music, art and all things food in Canada and around the world. Each feature ends with a yummy recipe inspired by their memories and talent.

I’ve had a load of fun with these and am currently working toward a cookbook that will have profiles, whole menus and a compilation CD.


READS & FEEDS: Is there anything better than a pretty cookbook? I could spend an entire weekend curled up with a stack and want for nothing more.

Here I pay homage to my favourite recipes from my most used books, tweaking them ever so slightly in fun and healthy ways… PS- there’s going to be a lot of Jamie Oliver. xo


SIPS & SAMPLES: We all know there are great vintages and grapes to enhance food, but have you ever selected a bottle to compliment your favourite album? Here we pop, spin and make something yummy to tie it all together.

We all have those records that touched our lives. With today’s music streaming sites, the original practise of listening to an album front to back has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Here, I will pick a quintessential album and find an Ontario wine that compliments that journey and vibe.

This Provence’s wine is greatly underestimated and with so many innovations and fascinating makers it has stepped onto the world stage. Let’s enjoy local wine, food and kick ass tunes!


*NOTE* This feature is so new my first post isn’t even up yet! Check back next week for a really fun start. (hint: it’s Canadiana at its best).

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  1. Hi Dana:

    I’m Steve from IMG Canada. I hope all is well.

    I work with the team who runs The Big Feastival here in Canada – a three day camping extravaganza tailored to health-conscious, adventurous, foodie families. Harlot Hot Sauce is a PERFECT fit for this weekend filled with food, music, family and fun.

    We want you as one of our Exhibitors onsite. Do you have a few minutes this week to speak about this in more detail?

    Thanks for your time,


    • Hi Steve, I am devastated I missed your message! I am on a hiatus from the blog until the new year and have only been checking my Garlic Harlot email. These comments get buried in a million spam messages. I am so sorry to have missed this amazing opportunity. Please think of me in the future and message me through my email – garlicharlot@garlicharlot.com

      • I just checked out your site, that would have been such a dream day! My husband’s band reunites occasionally for such festivals (we were at Riverfest this year), if you’re involved next year please contact me and also consider The Pocket Dwellers.

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